top 5 protein shakes for women

Top 5 Protein Shakes for Women

As a woman it can be hard to find a happy medium in life. Our butts are always

As a woman it can be hard to find a happy medium in life. Our butts are always too small or too big, our hair is always too long or too short.. But it bugs me that mens protein shakes are either too “shred”-like or too “extreme bulk”-like. I’ve taken it upon myself to find the best protein shakes for women.

1. Lean Petite By Genetix Nutrition.

The great tasting protein exclusively crafted to meet the needs of everyday women, Genetix Lean Petite is low in fat and low in carbohydrates, is nutrient rich and delivers a full protein profile in a delicious convenient shake. Available in Chocolate Delight or Vanilla Cream flavours which are put on a high pedestal in almost any review you’ll read, Lean Petite is a specially formulated protein, designed for women who lead a busy lifestyle. Drinking Lean Petite with every main means your energy levels will be boosted, and appetite control will be a breeze.

Key Ingredients
  • Inosine which may help build oxygenation of the blood, enhancing muscle work and deferring the beginning of fatigue
  • L-carnitine which is responsible for the metabolisation of stored body fat by actively transporting it to and from the muscle for energy production.
  • Green Tea which can “turbo-charge” your fat burning abilities by providing metabolism boosting catechins, which are the antioxidants responsible for internal health and enhancing calorie burn.
  • Choline is an important nutrient for liver health and may aid in the regeneration of previously damaged tissue.

2. Skinny Protein By Green Tea X50

Help your body detox and burn fat faster. Skinny Protein contains Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) and Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) that is low carbohydrate. The special formula contains thermogenic fat burning properties in addition to BCAAs.

To spice things up, Skinny Protein contains green tea extract & acetyl l carnitine. Green tea boosts your metabolism- while L Carnitine helps convert fat to fuel for the body. This plus 24 vitamins and minerals assures your body has what it needs to effectively lose weight.

3. Ladies Dream Protein By ASN

This protein is extremely low in fat and carbs but full of all the good proteins our body needs to be healthy and stay healthy. Formulated specifically for women, Dream Protein will not only provide you health beneficial peptides but also help you to get in shape faster. Due to its low carb and fat content, Dream Protein is a great addition to any diet and exercise routine. Dream Protein is blended in a pharmaceutical plant to pharmaceutical standards, not dissimilar to the same quality control that pharmaceutical drugs have to go through and is both lactose free and gluten free.

4. Body Shape Thermogenic Protein By Natural Health Company

Body Shape is a scientifically formulated Thermogenic Protein that will shift unwanted weight using its unique composition of fat burning active ingredients. With high protein, low carbohydrate and saturated fat, Body Shape is perfect for those wanting to speed up their weight loss results, without the feeling of being on a diet.

Key Ingredients:
  • L Carnitine which can be effective in helping shift stubborn fat through oxidation
  • Garcinia Cambogia (HCA) which helps by decreasing your appetite and dsturbing the fat-making process in the body
  • Raspberry Ketones which use the regulation of metabolism and will body burn fat faster as a result
  • Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12 which may contribute to normal immune function, and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

5. Sculpt By Horleys

Speed up the process of shedding fat and geting toned. Sculpt is high in protein and helps with appetite control and weight management due to vital nutrients. It is perfect for women with active lifestyles as they can use it to replace lunch. Sculpt encourages fat burning through the formulation of it’s ingredients.

Key Ingredients
  • Green tea boosts your metabolism which breaks down food faster to turn it into nutrients for the body.
  • L-carnitine tells your body to burn fat as fuel
  • Super Citrimax® (the strongest and most premium plant extract Garcinia), reduces appetite and decrease fat production.

Thanks for reading the Top 5 Protein Shakes for Women !

Photo by Jade Russell
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