The Discipline Required To Be Mr. Olympia

This article is an assessment of the discipline required to be Mr. Olympia at the time of Arnold

This article is an assessment of the discipline required to be Mr. Olympia at the time of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rise to glory. During his time of becoming Mr. Olympia, Arnold became hugely successful in not only bodybuilding, but he quickly exploded as a Hollywood sensation. Arnold took the media by storm with his incredible physique. No one has seen anything like it before. But what is more incredible is the mind behind the body. He is not just a huge hunk of muscle as you would imagine the hulk to be, but like with any academic field there must be a clear and structured system in place. It is based on established laws and the concept of exploring new boundaries.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a pioneer in his field of bodybuilding. He came to understand all the important factors early on as he pursued his vision of becoming the best bodybuilder of all time. As he spent his time researching the important principles and conditioning himself to optimising results time and time again, it became his passion to explore new boundaries.

This required discipline, hard work and the all-enlightening “no excuse” attitude.  This was hugely prominent throughout his practices which allowed for him to break the ideals of what was already considered “huge, lean or ripped”. Unlike many of his competitors, he’d go the extra mile, working harder, faster on a particular disciple to get the edge. Apart from hard work he realised the methods integral to raising the standards. He’d spend additional time on exercises that didn’t have machine support such as the “Dumbbell Fly” to maximise chest pump and step out of an established comfort zone within the gym community.

One of Arnies famous principles are “train with no shoes”. We believe this may not be allowed in most gyms today for obvious reasons, however all-be-it you train at home and accept your own risks, you may as well find out the big deal with training without shoes. It’s pretty simple really if you think about it! When you train without shoes, your body works harder to stabilise you whilst you lift weights meaning more muscle fibres are burning to keep you balanced. This is really good if your shredding dirty bulk, fat or simply aiming to get leaner and stronger.

Many of these principles would later add up for Arnie over time. This would become the secret to his success. It is evident while showcasing his strength and achievement during the examination process. His muscles looked more defined, more toned, and one could notice that he did indeed travel the extra mile.

Now whats your excuse? Look towards Arnold and think about what he had to put in to get where he is now in history. Maybe you may be able to extract a little bit of inspiration from this man in order to terminate your next workout? Get out there and lift.

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