Best Protein Powder For Women

Many of us still have this idea that protein supplements are more or less a male thing to get bigger and bulk up, this is however a misconception, you might be surprised to know that women can make use of it just as well as men and in some cases even better depending on the particulars of the supplement. In this article you will also be introduced to what we consider to be the Best Protein Powder For Women.

Generally, women require a lesser amount of protein compared to men – that’s a fact. This could lead to the source of that common belief mentioned earlier. What women don’t take into account is, that during their exercising and/or dieting regime, their protein need simply isn’t satisfied, due to their muscles requiring additional protein for repair or, when reducing the calorie intake, protein absorption goes down as well.

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Less protein consumption results in reduced muscle mass. When women may think they don’t need a great amount of muscle, let me just remind them that muscles are the cells that burn calories! And when there is reduced muscle mass, fewer calories are burnt. I think you know where this is heading. This combined with a slowed down metabolism caused by low – calories diet can lead to a bounce effect.

For those who weren’t aware, now you are informed! I’m not attempting to tell you that you should ‘bulk up’ in order to lose fat. You’re aim is to provide enough protein for the body to be able to maintain muscles despite lower calorie intake. Unfortunately, the first thing your body does when it’s starving, is getting rid of muscles, as they burn calories instead of fat which you are looking to lose. And when you are working out, especially to ‘tone up’, and you don’t provide enough proteins, your body will sacrifice one muscles group to rebuild another one on one day, just to ‘bite’ it to rebuild the first one on another day. And now we can go to supplementation.

Best Protein Powder For Women

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In the 2014-2015 Australian Health Survey, it was revealed that only a tiny 1.6% of Australians were underweight. Due to this fact, it is very easy to understand why we aren’t informed of the dangers of being underweight.

This is a scary fact, knowing that media has created unrealistic body ideals for young girls – one of the most common is the desire to be skinny. With the average model being size 2-6, and an average height of 5″7-5″9, they are directly promoting anorexia.. However they never warn you of the horrible dangers of being underweight.

For Women, the dangers of being underweight include –

  1. Anaemia:

    This condition causes a deficiency of red blood cells, meaning the ability of the blood to carry oxygen to body cells will decrease. This can eventually lead to a variety of symptoms including; fatigue, dizziness, fainting, pale complexion, reduced concentration and lethargy.

  2. Amenorrhea: 

    This condition is common in women. This usually causes menstrual cycles to cease. I know what you’re thinking ladies.. “what could be so bad about no longer getting my period?!”.. but while no period is an advantage to us females, it’s a huge disadvantage to our body. Amenorrhea is bought on by the body sometimes, particularly in underweight women. The female body can sense that there is not enough nutrition in it’s system to conceive a baby so menstruation stops. After all, the only reason we have a period is due to an unfertilized egg. It’s fairly common for menstrual cycle to resume after 3 months, however in some more extreme cases it may not re-commence for another 6 – 12 months, or sometimes never again – which takes us to the next danger..

  3. Infertility:

    Much like Amenorrhea, if there is little nutritional value in the body the reproductive system begins to slowly self-destruct. If not taken care of, the ovaries will not produce eggs. The uterus walls will not produce lining nor catch any eggs that are released. In some extreme cases the vagina wont even self-lubricate for sex anymore. All of these factors combined means there is little to slim chance of falling pregnant without putting your undivided attention on getting your health back up to scratch.

  4. Stigma:

    There is a lot of stigma associated with being underweight. While it’s definitely not all factual, people often have a lot to say about other’s weight. That can be okay in small doses, but constantly hearing things like “ohh you need to eat a cheeseburger”. “Look at your hips poking out.” and other things of the sort can definitely get you feeling down.

While you may think being skinny is a good thing, think again! The best body is not a skinny body, the best body is a healthy body, there are TOO many dangers of being underweight to try to lose weight for “beauty”. If you’re feeling underweight, check your BMI. However, please keep in mind that being skinny isn’t such a bad thing all the time, so check your BMI at a doctor or online here. A healthy BMI is dependant on many factors, such as age and height.