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    If you didn’t know this you’re missing out. All I can say is, apple cider vinegar is long lost secret that has too many health benefits not to mention. Grandmothers and medical experts worldwide have been fascinated by this particular vinegar for decades.

    But what makes it so good to take before an exhausting workout at the gym? Mens health examines Apple Cider vinegar for working out and the positive effects it has on the body if taken beforehand.

    But what else do you guys know about apple cider? Aside from its detoxification effects, what are some in depth discoveries you have made from using this natural miracle?



    Well I know you can use it for acne! Used to put my face over a small pot with two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar and just steam the shit out of it. Did this for 10 minutes every night for two weeks and far out it was awesome. No pimples lol just after two weeks. To think I used to buy into proactive and other shit where as I could of just gotten something way more natural lol



    Also it’s good for weight loss! Mum used to drink two caps full of it and go for a run. She lost more weight compared to when I remember her running in the day before she got into it. Good stuff!

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