In order to get the body of you’ve wanted for however long it may be, you need a success plan. Not just any plan but you need a blueprint for success that is tailored to your gender, age range, body type and goals. We do this in order to maximise the gains. It’s only logical to include these necessary attributes to forge a successful plan that you can keep till you get to where you want to be.

Training Terms to remember:

  • Repetition (reps): Repetitions are the number of times you may choose to repeat one single exercise in any amount of sets you designate for yourself.
  • Sets: Sets are hard to explain to newbies. My best explanation is you may choose to do bench press in 3 sets and 10 reps. In layman terms, this means in total you will be performing 30 repetitions. Of course you won’t flat out just do 30 reps. You need a break like 60 or 90 seconds in between to allow your muscles to recover.
  • Miracle Pill: Keep in mind there is no miracle pill like this article which will make you become what you want overnight. Don’t watch TV!

The Outline On How To Make A Workout Plan

Step 1 | Select Your Gender

Men and Women are built differently. It is completely possible to workout using the same plan as the other gender but you’re cutting your own grass short. You need to make your plan so that it is optimised for your body’s gender. For example; performing exercises that are for men will likely leave a negative impact on the female body unless they have trained for it.


With men if you decide to lift weights that are more ideal for women, you will most likely fall short of the gains you want unless you have just started. Women don’t need to lift weights as heavy as men. They just need more repetition. Women aren’t after the ripped or massive look like men are. Professional female bodybuilders on the other hand do want this and may choose to go for men’s exercises to gain size or strength. That’s how the cookie crumbles for some people.

Step 2 | Decide Your Age Range

If you are a young gun, adult or older citizen, keep this crucial category in mind. Remember to only perform exercises that are suitable to your age range.

Step 3 | Determine Your Body Type

In jargon terms this is referred to as Somatotype. This big word essentially resembles the three body types who kept the human race afloat back when.

What are the 3 Body Types (aka Somatotypes?)

Firstly, there is the Lean, Lanky & Tall individuals

The tall and skinny are referred to as Ectomorphs.

Secondly you have the well built, wide shouldered individuals

These wide shouldered individuals are naturally gifted and referred to as Mesomorphs.

Thirdly, there is the bigger or larger individuals

These individuals are referred to as Endomorphs.

These body types played an important role in our survival back in the day all the way before the concept of time even begun.


Ecto’s used to hunt and bring back food for the tribe. Meso’s stayed to build houses and defend settlements. The Endos stayed to nurture the young. Thus we can see the reason for our survival as the human race and acknowledge our differences in order to survive.

What do you do now?
Figure out whom you are within the three Somatotypes and research to learn more about who you are and where you belong. Keep note, you may be a mixture of these three somatotypes.

Step 4 | Discover Your Goal

To get the results you want, don’t skip this very important step. By discovering your goal now you can minimise the workouts you need to do and properly co-ordinate your exercises to get the body you desire. Why waste time when you can get things in order sooner than later? So the rule here is; choose what you want to become i.e. lose fat, gain mass, get ripped etc then go from there. Exercises for these different goals variate so remember that!


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