Why Use Workout Planner

Truth & Training Hurts.

The older we get the unhealthier we become. Avid fitness enthusiasts know the more we mature, the more we should involve ourselves into health and fitness to improve our life longevity, emotional and mental wellbeing as well as aesthetic appearance.

Not only that, but some of us to know to run and lift in order to deflect fat accumulation. Some of us know to lift heavy weights to gain solid lean mass while some of us stare themselves in the mirror daily with eyes hungry to transform into the body of their dream but aren't able to do it. 

But whats stopping everyone from just training?

Is it our parents to blame? Is it the media, is it low budget? or is it the number fast food outlets out there? or maybe it might just be our lack of self control?

An alarming number of Aussies do not care about training from what the statistics state. Excuses range from thinking that dedication is a myth, "I don't know how to create a gym workout plan and stick to it", while some deny that a simple 10 minute run daily can significantly improve health and fitness levels incrementally over time. 

Its phenomenal what people come up with to excuse themselves. The most ironic thought is that, those who suggest to go to the gym or for a run are only saying it to better someone else's life. Consider yourself lucky that someone cares about you! Its simply grotesque how many Australians simply do not care about their health. We really need to wake up to ourselves.

Heres the real problem with "working out"

The thing that stops most of us from fitness is quite simple. The majority of us who begin training simply do not know what to put in to get out what they want. Steroid junkies for example think the only way to gain is to inject, lift and balloon. But what they don't understand is, what goes up must come down. You are simply temporarily inflating yourself and stretching your skin unnaturally to gain a ripped look (which most girls consider gross anyway). 

You must have a set out guideline to get you through the failures most people fall for.

So Why Workout Planner?

Well, we think, rather than buying into the miracle pill disorder, why don't you get into fitness by using our workout planner web app which is tailored to suit your body type, gender and age. We also include diet tips + sup suggestions for health enthusiasts looking to keep on the right track. Pair those up with expert advice about supplements and links to direct you to the best prices and you have yourself a blueprint for success.

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